Friday 4/12 6-8pm Workshop: Words to Live By (each story must contain or make reference to advice, a mantra, or a “mama always said” kind of saying)

Friday 4/19 6-8pm Workshop: Road not Taken (each story must contain or make reference to a choice, decision or fork in the road.)

Friday 4/27 6-8pm Workshop: The Promise (each story must contain or make reference to a bond, contract or promise.)

Friday 5/3 from 6-8pm Rehearse selected pieces together.

Then from 8pm-9pm we will hold a free performance in Shindell Hall for friends, family, and the Mason Gross Community


  • Rutgers Theater Dept.

  • Students and Faculty

  • Cis and trans women welcome

  • No previous Storytelling experience required.


Shindell Hall, Douglass Campus

What you need to bring:

1) Bring a Story

Everyone will arrive with a finished draft.

 If this is your first time writing a #MotherLineStory please reach out to motherlinestoryproject@gmail.com with any questions. 

For the first workshop the prompt is "Words to Live by"

Each story must contain or make reference to

Let that inspire you and use the Mother Line signature Writing Structure as a guide to refining your narrative. 

2) Bring a dish

Maybe it’s chips and dip. Maybe it’s grandma’s rice pudding. Every workshop is a potluck.

3) Bring a buddy!

This last one is optional, but Mother Line invites you to encourage your fellow Mason Gross Theater Dept. women to join the fun (especially those not usually on the stage.)

Cis and trans women are welcome and no previous experience is required.

It’s FREE but space is limited. We encourage you to sign up now so that you can get started on your story.

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