Mother Line

A Documentary 

There is more that unites us than divides us.

There is more that unites us than divides us.



An exploration of the rehearsal and performance of "Mother Line on the Nile" focusing on the journey of one young writer/performer. 

Think "Steps" meets "He named me Malala"



I want to show American audiences that the stories of Muslim women from the other side of the world are exciting, endearing, and familiar.    

What is the mother Line Story Project?

As the founder and producer of The MLSP I am the steward of this brand. I want the audience to see themselves, and then take a step further and to host a Mother Line Story Project in their community. Each place that the project travels I'm going to document the storytellers' process to someday build a full length documentary. 

The "Mother Line on the Nile" performance is being fully funded by the American Embassy. The show will feature actresses from "Sabeel for the Arts" in Cairo. Company Artistic director, and internationally acclaimed Writer/Performer/Revolutionary Dalia Basiouny will be directing the piece. Mother Line Producer Amanda A. Lederer and myself will travel to Cairo, Egypt on October 9th to facilitate writing workshops, rehearsals, and a three performance run.    

We will be partnering with a local female filmmaker to document the daily life of the actress, the rehearsal process, and the performance. 

We already have funding, sponsorship, Egyptian collaborators, cast, and a time line for the production. We are currently securing the funds for the documentary component. We need producers who are interested in creating a high quality, festival doc that shows the possibility of cross cultural, bi-lingual artistic collaboration.


The Goal is

$20, 000


  • Equipment Rental

  • DP and Sound Technician

  • Editing & Sound Mixing

  • Color Correction

  • Subtitling

  • Legal Fees and Contracts

In the next three months we need

  1. Secure a DP and Sound Technician

  2. Secure an LLC

  3. Set up Insurance

  4. Set up Contracts

  5. Raise at least 8,000 for Film Production