Mother Line's First International Show


Mother Line Story Project Inc and Sabeel for the Arts  in association with "The Show Goes On" Festival and The US Embassy Cairo pOresents...

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Falaki Theater

Cairo, Egypt

7pm October 20th, 21st, and 22nd


THE MOTHER LINE STORY PROJECT is a storytelling platform specifically designed to bring together generations of women to tell the stories of their maternal ancestors through the creation of new, self-devised work—think The Moth Radio Hour meets


For "In the Mother's Hand" the project traveled to The American University in Cairo to partner with Dalia Basiouny and her theater company "Sabeel for the Arts". Through a series of workshops with a 13 person cast, guest directors Eliza Simpson and Amanda A. Lederer have curated a one-of-a-kind performance, in which the triumphs and traumas of the women who came before can be spoken, heard, and celebrated. Universal appeal meets personal power in this show by women, about women, for everyone.  


"The Show Goes On" Festival is sponsored by the American Embassy in Cairo and dedicated to developing and producing new works featuring women's voices. The Festival also feautred "Untangled" and "45".



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9.13.15 / Workshop Performance at Chelsea Studios


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